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国际大地测量协会荣誉主席、德国国家科学与工程院院士Harald Schuh教授学术报告通知
发布:科技处 2024-03-21 阅读:5498

 应我校土地科学技术学院、自然资源部矿业城市自然资源调查监测与保护重点实验室、地质灾害监测预警与防治山西省重点实验室彭军还教授和万晓云教授邀请,国际大地测量协会(IAG)荣誉主席、德国国家科学与工程院院士Harald Schuh教授将来我校进行学术交流,并作学术报告。


 题目:How can we best measure and monitor natural hazards and climate change?

 时间:2024年3月23日(周六) 上午9:00-10:30



 Harald Schuh教授简介:Harald Schuh is professor for “Satellite Geodesy” at TU Berlin and was the Director of Department “Geodesy” at GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam until end of 2023. He is Past President of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and Chairman of the German Geodetic Committee (DGK). He is a member of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) and holds many other positions in national and international committees.


报告摘要:Precise and stable reference frames play an important role in modern geodesy, as they are required when we want to monitor changes on the Earth such as plate tectonics or global sea level rise. An overview of the various natural hazards and global change phenomena that can be observed by geodetic techniques will be given. Measurements from space geodetic techniques like GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) to local geodetic surveying instruments can be used. Case studies will be presented that document the essential role of precise geodetic data, accurate analysis methods, and realistic mathematical and physical models for a sustainable development of our society.







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